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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Watch That Shows Numbers Rather Than Pointers
Solution: Digital

Question: Angela Actress Who Played Tina Turner
Solution: Bassett

Question: Brain Teasers Puzzles
Solution: Riddles

Question: Comedy Performed By One Person
Solution: Stand up

Question: Gymnasts Swing On This Elevated Bar
Solution: Trapeze

Question: Highly Flammable Solvent Distilled From Petroleum
Solution: Naphtha

Question: Holders For Breakfast Items
Solution: Eggcups

Question: Main Protein In Blood Produced By The Liver
Solution: Albumin

Question: Mammal Face Hair Also Known As A Vibrissa
Solution: Whisker

Question: Peter S Beagle Wrote A Novel About The Last One
Solution: Unicorn

Question: Platinum Metal Acidic Salts
Solution: Osmates

Question: Players Who Dish Out Cards In Poker
Solution: Dealers

Question: Robert Ringleader Of The Gunpowder Plot
Solution: Catesby

Question: Someone Who Takes Great Pleasure In Fine Food
Solution: Epicure

Question: Spanish Drink Of Wine And Fruit Juice
Solution: Sangria

Question: State Known For Miami And Disney World
Solution: Florida

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