Codycross Games Group 945 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: All Work And No Play Makes Jack
Solution: A dull boy

Question: Boggy Swamp
Solution: Quagmire

Question: Cliched Western Film
Solution: Oatopera

Question: Criminal Someone Who Breaks The Law
Solution: Offender

Question: Decorative Paper That Covers A Present
Solution: Gift wrap

Question: Deep Crack In A Glacier Or Ice Sheet
Solution: Crevasse

Question: Dr Seuss Cat Knew A Lot Of Good Tricks
Solution: In the hat

Question: Fishing For Catfish Using Only Your Bare Hands
Solution: Noodling

Question: In Medicine Its The P In BP
Solution: Pressure

Question: Major Beijing University Founded In 1911
Solution: Tsinghua

Question: Opened A Bottle Of Wine
Solution: Uncorked

Question: Singer Of 90s Hit Stay I Missed You
Solution: Lisa loeb

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