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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Browser With A Red Panda For A Logo
Solution: Firefox

Question: European City Where Latin Is An Official Language
Solution: Vatican

Question: For Holding Onto When Flying Kites
Solution: Strings

Question: Ibn Arab Author Toured In Africa And Asia
Solution: Battuta

Question: Image Comic Saga Is By Fiona Staples Brian K
Solution: Vaughan

Question: It Makes People Late To Work When It Gets Heavy
Solution: Traffic

Question: Mexican Food That Means Little Donkey In Spanish
Solution: Burrito

Question: Slid Down A Snowy Hill Sitting Down
Solution: Sledded

Question: Spiky Plant Associated With Scotland
Solution: Thistle

Question: Temperature Scale Also Known As Centigrade
Solution: Celsius

Question: The Indiana Town Where Stranger Things Is Set
Solution: Hawkins

Question: The First Name Of The Original Ponzi Schemer
Solution: Charles

Question: The Green Emotion From Inside Out
Solution: Disgust

Question: This Barry Sang About Mandy And Copacabana
Solution: Manilow

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