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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 20th C Poet Of A Subalterns Love Song And Slough
Solution: Betjeman

Question: A Blinding Snow Shower
Solution: Whiteout

Question: Access Point For Metal Money
Solution: Coin slot

Question: Alvin Simon Or Theodore In The Kids Cartoon
Solution: Chipmunk

Question: British Punk Fashion Designer Vivienne
Solution: Westwood

Question: Bromidrophobia Is A Fear Of This
Solution: Body odor

Question: Examples Include JetBlue And Lufthansa
Solution: Airlines

Question: Fawned Over Indulged
Solution: Pandered

Question: Giant African Mammal 2003 White Stripes Album
Solution: Elephant

Question: He Mans Nemesis
Solution: Skeletor

Question: Latin Expression Shortened To Etc
Solution: Et cetera

Question: Like Tiny Raisins Made From Dried Corinth Grapes
Solution: Currants

Question: Longest Or Shortest Day Of Daylight Each Year
Solution: Solstice

Question: Number In A Bakers Dozen
Solution: Thirteen

Question: Person Who Acts On Behalf Of Someone Else
Solution: Advocate

Question: Roman God Of Sleep And Dreams
Solution: Morpheus

Question: Saoirse Ronan Plays Teen Growing Up In Sacramento
Solution: Lady bird

Question: Sending Electronic Messages From An Inbox
Solution: Emailing

Question: What KO Stands For In Boxing
Solution: Knockout

Question: World Famous Indian Magician Of The 1950s And 60s
Solution: P c sorcar

Question: Mill Building In Suffolk Painted By Constable
Solution: Flatford

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