Codycross Games Group 943 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 1990s Video Game Hero Shaped Like A Hand
Solution: Glover

Question: A 1984 Song By Sade Operator
Solution: Smooth

Question: Bite Sized Chinese Steamed Buns
Solution: Dimsum

Question: Exact Duplicates Of Animals Like Dolly The Sheep
Solution: Clones

Question: Explosive Charge For Breaching Fortifications
Solution: Petard

Question: Island Home Of The Dragon Of The Same Name
Solution: Komodo

Question: Movie About Foster Child Turned Superhero
Solution: Shazam

Question: Mugged Stolen From
Solution: Robbed

Question: Pre Postmodern Lichtenstein And Warhol Movement
Solution: Pop art

Question: Suffer Patiently
Solution: Endure

Question: Your Funny Bones Are Located In These
Solution: Elbows

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