Codycross Games Group 943 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: 15th Century Map With The South At The Top
Solution: Fra mauro

Question: A Creature That Lives On Or Feeds Off Another
Solution: Parasite

Question: Berate Rant Scold
Solution: Harangue

Question: Large Stack Of Logs For Burning
Solution: Woodpile

Question: Leche Flan Creme Brulee Bavarian Cream Egg Tart
Solution: Custards

Question: Oft Illustrated Book Showing Imaginary Animals
Solution: Bestiary

Question: Professional Photographs Require That This Be Good
Solution: Lighting

Question: RPG Player Who Likes To Dominate Is Immature
Solution: Munchkin

Question: Star Symbol On A Computer Keyboard
Solution: Asterisk

Question: Streep Moore And Kidman Star In This Woolf Movie
Solution: The hours

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