Codycross Games Group 943 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Alliterative Co Creator Of Dungeons Dragons
Solution: Gary gygax

Question: Beatles Song Featuring A Banker With A Motorcar
Solution: Penny lane

Question: Impossible Out Of Reach Aspiration
Solution: Pipe dream

Question: Italian Dish Of Thinly Sliced Raw Meat
Solution: Carpaccio

Question: Last Ruler Of The Incas
Solution: Atahualpa

Question: Made Reference To Quoted
Solution: Mentioned

Question: Revolving Shaft On A Boat Or An Early Aircraft
Solution: Propeller

Question: Terence Stamp Played One In A 1994 Aussie Film
Solution: Drag queen

Question: USA Trilogy Author And Artist John
Solution: Dos passos

Question: Very Large Sea Or Aquatic Monster
Solution: Leviathan

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