Codycross Games Group 942 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: A Seasonal Calendar Used To Countdown To Christmas
Solution: Advent

Question: Crush A Pumpkin
Solution: Squash

Question: Food That Conforms To Jewish Diet Regulations
Solution: Kosher

Question: Grabs Holds
Solution: Grasps

Question: John Who Has Conversations In The Dark
Solution: Legend

Question: Machine For Grinding Meat Into Thin Noodles
Solution: Mincer

Question: Made A Decision On Tinder
Solution: Swiped

Question: Musical Version Of Oz With A Black Cast
Solution: The wiz

Question: Pedestal For A Statue
Solution: Plinth

Question: Series Of WW2 Battles In Libya
Solution: Tobruk

Question: Traditional Japanese Dress
Solution: Kimono

Question: Zodiac Signs For This Month Are Leo And Virgo
Solution: August

Question: Beloved We Are Gathered Here Today
Solution: Dearly

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