Codycross Games Group 942 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Games Answers

Question: Agreement Sealed By Locking Pinkies
Solution: Promise

Question: Biblical City Whose Walls Were Broken By Trumpets
Solution: Jericho

Question: Captain Superhero From The Flintstones
Solution: Caveman

Question: Captain Of The White Tower In Tolkiens Works
Solution: Boromir

Question: Cinema Snack That Can Be Salty Or Sweet
Solution: Popcorn

Question: ILOVEYOU Melissa And MyDoom Are Types Of This
Solution: Malware

Question: Indian Ocean Islands Linked With The Andamans
Solution: Nicobar

Question: Overthrows Oppressors
Solution: Revolts

Question: Piece Of Trivia
Solution: Factoid

Question: White Object On A Pool Table
Solution: Cue ball

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