Codycross Fantasy World Group 878 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Bambis Bunny Friend
Solution: Thumper

Question: Drains
Solution: Flushes

Question: Enid Writer Of National Velvet
Solution: Bagnold

Question: Flat Headed Tool For Getting Ice Off Car Windows
Solution: Scraper

Question: German Term For Snow Pellets
Solution: Graupel

Question: Greek Mythological Half Horse Half Man
Solution: Centaur

Question: Hotel Employee Hired To Carry Luggage
Solution: Bellhop

Question: Middle Eastern Paste Of Dried Tomatoes And Peppers
Solution: Harissa

Question: Natures Hardest Mineral
Solution: Diamond

Question: Paul Post Impressionist Painter In Tahiti
Solution: Gauguin

Question: Response To Those Easily Offended Aw
Solution: Diddums

Question: Transform Garbage Into Something Useful
Solution: Upcycle

Question: Wooden Xylophone Relative
Solution: Marimba

Question: Mons Inactive Volcano On Mars
Solution: Olympus

Question: Bun Doughy Swirl With Raisins From W London
Solution: Chelsea

Question: Knot Mythological Thorny Problem
Solution: Gordian

Question: Man The Biggest Male Star In A Movie
Solution: Leading

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