Codycross Fantasy World Group 878 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Is Free But Facts Are Sacred The Guardian
Solution: Comment

Question: Another Word For Root In Mathematics
Solution: Radical

Question: Archangel Name Worn By Author Garcia Singer Peter
Solution: Gabriel

Question: Article Of Clothing A Piece In A Fashion Show
Solution: Garment

Question: Competitor In A Scripps National Bee
Solution: Speller

Question: He Invented The Microwave Oven Percy
Solution: Spencer

Question: Italian Technique Of Joining Glass Blown Pieces
Solution: Incalmo

Question: Keeps A Box Of Horrors
Solution: Pandora

Question: Large Sharing Dish
Solution: Platter

Question: No Longer Living Like The Dinosaurs
Solution: Extinct

Question: Roman God Of Wine
Solution: Bacchus

Question: Sharp Witted Person Who Assesses Situations
Solution: Astuter

Question: Small Vessel Used To Pull Larger Ships
Solution: Tugboat

Question: The Style Paul Weller With Ever Changing Moods
Solution: Council

Question: The Death Of A Species
Solution: Extinct

Question: The Nationality Of A Native Of Banjul
Solution: Gambian

Question: This Is Flown On A Beach When Its Unsafe To Swim
Solution: Red flag

Question: Valuable Card Suit
Solution: Diamond

Question: Dance Was Lord Havelock In Going Postal
Solution: Charles

Question: Lemons Soured Sweets
Solution: Sherbet

Question: Zone Try Something New Outside It
Solution: Comfort

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