Codycross Fantasy World Group 876 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Bounding High With Straight Legs Like A Springbok
Solution: Pronking

Question: Carl Botanist Who Devised Latin Taxonomy System
Solution: Linnaeus

Question: Cartoon Character Alvin Who Wears A Read Sweater
Solution: Chipmunk

Question: Diplomats Follow This Version Of Manners
Solution: Protocol

Question: Heat Resistant Bakeware Is Made Of This Rubber
Solution: Silicone

Question: Its For You Youll Come To A Sticky End
Solution: Curtains

Question: Metal Framework Around A House Being Renovated
Solution: Scaffold

Question: Pause Eg Before Making A Decision
Solution: Hesitate

Question: Pesto Ingredient That Grows On Conifers
Solution: Pine nuts

Question: Robin Of The True Name Of Robin Hood
Solution: Locksley

Question: Springsteens Album Of 1980 With Hungry Heart
Solution: The river

Question: The Last Emperor Of Russia Tsar Romanov
Solution: Nicholas

Question: Theatre Venue Of The World Snooker Championships
Solution: Crucible

Question: Theseus Rescued Her From Creon
Solution: Antigone

Question: Trouser Like Undergarments Invented By Amelia
Solution: Bloomers

Question: X Shaped Ligament Pairs Found In Human Joints
Solution: Cruciate

Question: Collectivity Non Mainland French Territory
Solution: Overseas

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