Codycross Fantasy World Group 875 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Ancient Greco Roman City Now Antakya
Solution: Antioch

Question: Bright And Alive Like Picture Book Illustrations
Solution: Vibrant

Question: Childish Form Of Lying
Solution: Fibbing

Question: Dead Ringers Impressionist Jon
Solution: Culshaw

Question: Icelandic Parliament The Oldest In The World
Solution: Althing

Question: John Wesley Bob Dylan Album Of 1967
Solution: Harding

Question: Legendary Bird That Rose From The Ashes
Solution: Phoenix

Question: Pirate Ship
Solution: Galleon

Question: Red Spice From The Sweeter Part Of A Ground Pepper
Solution: Paprika

Question: Small Domestic Rabbit Species With Velvety Fur
Solution: Mini rex

Question: Steampunk Characters Often Use This Eyewear
Solution: Goggles

Question: Turning From A Solid To A Liquid
Solution: Melting

Question: Water Bird Known For Its Black And White Feathers
Solution: Penguin

Question: Wetlands With Rushes Reeds And Grasses
Solution: Marshes

Question: Crowe Jerry Maguire And Vanilla Sky Director
Solution: Cameron

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