Codycross Fantasy World Group 874 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Fantasy World

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Mild Word Substituted For An Offensive One
Solution: Euphemism

Question: Acrobatic Performance Art On A Vertical Bar
Solution: Pole dance

Question: Beatles Song About A Creature Learning To Fly
Solution: Blackbird

Question: Behavior That Goes Against High Held Principles
Solution: Hypocrisy

Question: Board Game Or Agatha Christie Play
Solution: Mouse trap

Question: Building Material Made Of A Mix Of Substances
Solution: Composite

Question: Clothes Made To Mimic Designers Originals
Solution: Knockoffs

Question: Elements Subject To Change In An Experiment
Solution: Variables

Question: Having A Personality Of Determination And Vigor
Solution: Tenacious

Question: Hexed Charmed
Solution: Bewitched

Question: If Something Is A Dime A Dozen
Solution: Plentiful

Question: It Holds Frozen Cubes On A Cocktail Cabinet
Solution: Ice bucket

Question: Kids Should Pay This While Being Read To
Solution: Attention

Question: Muslim Founder Of The Timurid Dynasty
Solution: Tamerlane

Question: Script And Music Writer For Hamilton Miranda
Solution: Lin manuel

Question: Sending And Receiving Messages With The Mind
Solution: Telepathy

Question: Spielberg Made A Movie About His List
Solution: Schindler

Question: The Grand National Or The Belmont Stakes
Solution: Horse race

Question: The Poseidon 1969 Paul Gallico Disaster Novel
Solution: Adventure

Question: The World Of Disney TV Show
Solution: Wonderful

Question: Working Equine That Pulls A Trailer
Solution: Carthorse

Question: Fiord Norways Picturesque Tourist Site
Solution: Geiranger

Question: Spoons For Weighing Out Small Quantities
Solution: Measuring

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