Codycross Fantasy World Group 874 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Place Where Vendors Gather To Sell Goods
Solution: Market

Question: Child Of Ones Aunt
Solution: Cousin

Question: Greek Goddess Of Magic And Witchcraft
Solution: Hecate

Question: Halleys And Hale Bopp
Solution: Comets

Question: Illegal Practice Of Offering Cash For Airplay
Solution: Payola

Question: Is The Reason Something Happens
Solution: Causes

Question: Majestic Norwegian Water Inlets
Solution: Fjords

Question: Meeting To Contact The Dead
Solution: Seance

Question: Riverdale And The Sun Is Also A Stars Charles
Solution: Melton

Question: Sonoran Namib And Gobi Are Examples Of One
Solution: Desert

Question: Style Or Medium Something Comes In
Solution: Format

Question: Sunday The Meal Served After Christian Church
Solution: Dinner

Question: Swifties Love Her Album Lover
Solution: Taylor

Question: Tribute Remembrance At Funerals
Solution: Eulogy

Question: What A Horse Did When It Stood On Its Hind Legs
Solution: Reared

Question: Sheen West Wing Actor Father To Charlie
Solution: Martin

Question: And Margarita Tale Of Russia By Bulgakov
Solution: Master

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