Codycross Fantasy World Group 872 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Place Where A Foreign Countrys Diplomats Work
Solution: Consulate

Question: Body Of Water Created By A Meandering River
Solution: Oxbow lake

Question: Bonjour Book By The Precocious Francoise Sagan
Solution: Tristesse

Question: Bracelet Without Dangling Symbols A Rude Person
Solution: Charmless

Question: Canadian Steampunk TV Series About Abnormals
Solution: Sanctuary

Question: Carbon Allotrope Informally Called A Buckyball
Solution: Fullerene

Question: Former Name Of Harare Capital Of Zimbabwe
Solution: Salisbury

Question: Julius Caesars Final Utterance In The Play
Solution: Et tu brute

Question: Long Line Of Columns Supporting A Roof
Solution: Colonnade

Question: Mimic Martial Arts Movements Without Contact
Solution: Shadowbox

Question: One Who Gets Pregnant For Another Couple
Solution: Surrogate

Question: Professional Risk Managers
Solution: Actuaries

Question: Son Of Meg Ryan Played Marvel In The Hunger Games
Solution: Jack quaid

Question: Tea Is Sometimes Made From This Flowering Weed
Solution: Dandelion

Question: This Paul Had Wings And Lonely Hearts Club Bands
Solution: Mccartney

Question: To Rise From The Dead
Solution: Resurrect

Question: William The Medieval King Born Out Of Wedlock
Solution: Conqueror

Question: Friday Wear Casual Clothes To Work Once A Week
Solution: Dress down

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