Codycross Fantasy World Group 871 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Comparative Figure Of Speech Using Like Or As
Solution: Simile

Question: Fancy Food Made Of Sturgeon Eggs
Solution: Caviar

Question: Foresight Or Dream Surrealists Inspiration
Solution: Vision

Question: French Company Whose No 5 Is Popular Abroad
Solution: Chanel

Question: Group Of Three Russian Rulers
Solution: Troika

Question: He Invented Alternating Current Electricity
Solution: Nikola

Question: Loud Sound Made After A Nose Is Tickled
Solution: Sneeze

Question: Nickname For The Legendary Scottish Water Monster
Solution: Nessie

Question: Seals That Take On Human Form In Orkney Legend
Solution: Selkie

Question: Talk Tediously About Something
Solution: Bang on

Question: The Latin For Swan
Solution: Cygnus

Question: The Capital Of Tasmania
Solution: Hobart

Question: The Chemical Element Important For Breathing
Solution: Oxygen

Question: Three Short Beethoven Trombone Works
Solution: Equals

Question: To Release Air From Your Lungs
Solution: Exhale

Question: Underground Living Space For Animals
Solution: Burrow

Question: Hill Miseducated Former Fugees Singer
Solution: Lauryn

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