Codycross Fantasy World Group 871 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Fantasy World

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Pleasurable Diversion For The Brain
Solution: Mind candy

Question: Aged Italian Cheese Sometimes Comes In Pear Shape
Solution: Provolone

Question: Angelicas Song At The Wedding In Hamilton
Solution: Satisfied

Question: Armed Forces Insignia Worn On The Shoulder
Solution: Epaulette

Question: Art Of Simulating Movement Via Stop Motion Perhaps
Solution: Animation

Question: Catholic Method Of Religious Instruction
Solution: Catechism

Question: City State Thats The Crown Of The North In Faerun
Solution: Waterdeep

Question: Dick From Wacky Races
Solution: Dastardly

Question: Faceplate Showing What Station Is Playing In A Car
Solution: Radio dial

Question: Famous Irish Glass Crystal Maker
Solution: Waterford

Question: Feeling Of Faintness Or As If Youre About To Fall
Solution: Dizziness

Question: Geoffrey De British Aircraft Designer
Solution: Havilland

Question: In Medieval Mythology The Enemy Of The Dragon
Solution: Ichneumon

Question: Losing Light Like The Night Sky Over Time
Solution: Darkening

Question: Media Company That Publishes Vogue Magazine
Solution: Conde nast

Question: Race Timing Device
Solution: Stopwatch

Question: Research Body That Considers Ideas For Policies
Solution: Think tank

Question: Slicked Hairstyle Of Prince And Little Richard
Solution: Pompadour

Question: Stop Motion Creation For Budding Filmmakers
Solution: Animation

Question: Surname Of The Author Of The Scarlet Letter
Solution: Hawthorne

Question: Tree That Supports The Universe In Norse Mythology
Solution: Yggdrasil

Question: Undercover Detectives Crockett And Tubbs Show
Solution: Miami vice

Question: Wicked Or Evil
Solution: Nefarious

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