Codycross Fantasy World Group 870 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Birth Name Of Wiz Khalifa Also Actress Diaz
Solution: Cameron

Question: Capital City Of Illinois Broadway Musical
Solution: Chicago

Question: City In Illinois Broadway Musical
Solution: Chicago

Question: Giorgio 70s Disco Producer Of Donna Summer
Solution: Moroder

Question: Greek Goddess Of The Harvest And Fertility
Solution: Demeter

Question: Ground Spice From Dried Red Fruits Of Bell Pepper
Solution: Paprika

Question: Hard Stone Used In Kitchen Countertops
Solution: Granite

Question: Having Subtle Diplomacy
Solution: Tactful

Question: In Greek Myth The River That Surrounds The Earth
Solution: Oceanos

Question: Kind Of Call To Find Actors
Solution: Casting

Question: Natural Powder Hue Used In Paint And Cosmetics
Solution: Pigment

Question: Noise Made By Werewolves On Seeing The Moon
Solution: Howling

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