Codycross Fantasy World Group 870 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Great Dane Who Solves Mysteries
Solution: Scooby doo

Question: Bhutan Has The Worlds Highest Average One
Solution: Elevation

Question: Chart That Displays Data Grouped Into Ranges
Solution: Histogram

Question: Drew Actress Who Founded Flower Beauty
Solution: Barrymore

Question: Greek Philosopher Tutor To Alexander The Great
Solution: Aristotle

Question: Mark Found Above A Letter That Changes Its Sound
Solution: Diacritic

Question: Pet Shop Boy Alongside Neil Tennant
Solution: Chris lowe

Question: Safe Mealtime Seat For An Infant
Solution: Highchair

Question: Screen Background Image
Solution: Wallpaper

Question: The Study Of Ones Family Tree
Solution: Genealogy

Question: Treat Baked In A Ringed Pan With German Name
Solution: Bundt cake

Question: Whale Nostrils On The Top Of The Head
Solution: Blowholes

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