Codycross Fantasy World Group 869 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Mineral Found In Teeth Symbol Is F
Solution: Fluoride

Question: A Puffed Out Hairstyle Made Famous By Jackie O
Solution: Bouffant

Question: A Surgical Cut Of The Skin Or Flesh
Solution: Incision

Question: Aker Earth God Of The Horizon
Solution: Egyptian

Question: Alphabetically The Last Country In The World
Solution: Zimbabwe

Question: Charles Dickens First Novel The Papers
Solution: Pickwick

Question: Cognacs French Drinks
Solution: Brandies

Question: Famous Dog Sled Race From Anchorage To Nome
Solution: Iditarod

Question: In Greek Mythology Helen Of Troys Husband
Solution: Menelaus

Question: Inner Might And Power
Solution: Strength

Question: Movie That Won Emma Stone The Best Actress Oscar
Solution: La la land

Question: Parrot On Dominicas National Flag
Solution: Sisserou

Question: Quick Sharp Response From Ja Rule Song
Solution: Clap back

Question: Shared Name Of Titanic Actor And Italian Artist
Solution: Leonardo

Question: These Blood Vessels Carry Blood Away From Heart
Solution: Arteries

Question: Very Wealthy And Prosperous
Solution: Affluent

Question: Video Game Company That Created Mario Luigi
Solution: Nintendo

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