Codycross Fantasy World Group 868 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Alecto Megaera And Tisiphone In Greek Mythology
Solution: Furies

Question: Downhill Ski Race Marked Throughout By Flags
Solution: Slalom

Question: Mark Most Famous For Playing Luke Skywalker
Solution: Hamill

Question: Notice Of Defect Usually Issued By Manufacturer
Solution: Recall

Question: Practical Jokes Played On Others When Youre Bored
Solution: Pranks

Question: Queen Any Way The Wind Blows Doesnt Really
Solution: Matter

Question: Swiss Food And Drink Company With HQ In Vevey
Solution: Nestle

Question: The Spanish Word For Money Spa
Solution: Dinero

Question: The Form Baked Bread Comes In
Solution: Loaves

Question: Upper Layer Of Trees In A Forest
Solution: Canopy

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