Codycross Fantasy World Group 867 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Fantasy World

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Once In A An Extremely Rarely Lunar Event
Solution: Blue moon

Question: A Cartilaginous Fish With A Venomous Spine
Solution: Stingray

Question: A Certified Document Allowing One To Travel
Solution: Passport

Question: Black Root Used To Make A Candy
Solution: Licorice

Question: Large Masted Sailing Ships
Solution: Galleons

Question: Largest Russian Island North Of Japan
Solution: Sakhalin

Question: Legal Declaration Of The Inability To Pay Debts
Solution: Bankrupt

Question: Legwear For A Volleyball Player
Solution: Kneepads

Question: Powerful Cutting Tool For Felling Trees
Solution: Chainsaw

Question: Powerpuff Girls Supervillain
Solution: Mojo jojo

Question: Reference To A Source In A Research Document
Solution: Citation

Question: Singing Without Instrumental Accompaniment
Solution: Acapella

Question: Slow Indecisive Cautious
Solution: Hesitant

Question: Underwater City Created In Platos Stories
Solution: Atlantis

Question: Wilford Brimleys Famous Diagnosis Type 2
Solution: Diabetes

Question: Wizard Who Practices Evocation
Solution: Summoner

Question: Report Starring Tom Cruise
Solution: Minority

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