Codycross Fantasy World Group 867 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Abnormal Drooping Of The Upper Eyelid
Solution: Ptosis

Question: Canterbury Tale Teller Of The Second Story
Solution: Miller

Question: Floor Covering Made With Thick Fabric
Solution: Carpet

Question: Food Cutting Utensils
Solution: Knives

Question: Goddess Of War Daughter Of Zeus
Solution: Athena

Question: Golden Hits From The Past
Solution: Oldies

Question: Harry Sings Watermelon Sugar
Solution: Styles

Question: Headgear Used To Harness A Horse
Solution: Bridle

Question: Layers Of Rock In The Ground
Solution: Strata

Question: Martha Developed A Flare System Used By Ships
Solution: Coston

Question: Nation Due South Of USA
Solution: Mexico

Question: One Knocks Over The Rest Tile Used To Play Games
Solution: Domino

Question: Scant Infrequent
Solution: Sparse

Question: The Greek God Of Travel Trade And Thieves
Solution: Hermes

Question: The Deal Signed A Contract Or Agreement
Solution: Sealed

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