Codycross Fantasy World Group 867 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Person With Whom One Shares A Secret
Solution: Confidant

Question: Author Adjective Like Something Out Of 1984
Solution: Orwellian

Question: Brad Pitt Baseball Film About Oakland Athletics
Solution: Moneyball

Question: Brass Instrument Sometimes Called The Tenor Tuba
Solution: Euphonium

Question: Carrier For Injured People
Solution: Stretcher

Question: Large Lake Used As A Water Supply
Solution: Reservoir

Question: Marmaduke And Astro From The Jetsons Dog Breed
Solution: Greatdane

Question: Mechanical Device Made To Look And Act Human
Solution: Automaton

Question: Persian Creature With Human Head Bat Wings
Solution: Manticore

Question: She Was Married To Ashton Kutcher And Bruce Willis
Solution: Demi moore

Question: Unit To Measure Distance In Outer Space
Solution: Lightyear

Question: Ferragamo Florence Luxury Goods Brand
Solution: Salvatore

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