Codycross Fantasy World Group 866 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: 1066 Battle
Solution: Hastings

Question: Bring A Torch Isabella
Solution: Jeanette

Question: Choose Furniture And Paint A Room
Solution: Decorate

Question: Dish Made With Cabbage And Mayonnaise
Solution: Coleslaw

Question: Dream Gather Bad Dreams
Solution: Catchers

Question: Emily Criminal Minds FBI Special Agent
Solution: Prentiss

Question: Greek Mythology Hero With A Weak Heel
Solution: Achilles

Question: Nature Including Birds Animals Insects
Solution: Wildlife

Question: Official Language Spoken In Yerevans Country
Solution: Armenian

Question: Old Mother Hubbard Went To The
Solution: Cupboard

Question: Visually Pleasing Or In Proportion
Solution: Symmetry

Question: Wall Mounted Planks Used For Storage
Solution: Shelving

Question: With Hearts The Red Suits In A Deck Of Cards
Solution: Diamonds

Question: Bible Modern English Version Of The Text
Solution: Good news

Question: Pads Added Width To 80s Power Suits
Solution: Shoulder

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