Codycross Fantasy World Group 864 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: 1 Billion Years Of Pressure Forms This Stone
Solution: Diamond

Question: A Giant Round Chair That You Sink Into
Solution: Bean bag

Question: Air That Moves Away From A Storm System
Solution: Outflow

Question: Broadway Show Movie About Murderous Women
Solution: Chicago

Question: Cocktail That Bond Prefers Shaken Not Stirred
Solution: Martini

Question: Country Where Wiener Schnitzel Originated
Solution: Austria

Question: Key Entry To Direct A Computer To Complete A Task
Solution: Command

Question: Lolita Author
Solution: Nabokov

Question: Mood Condition Previously Called Manic Depression
Solution: Bipolar

Question: Mother Of A Father
Solution: Grandma

Question: Packhorse Mule Or Donkey Used For Carrying Goods
Solution: Sumpter

Question: Parcel Wrapped Box Sent In The Mail
Solution: Package

Question: The Father Son And Holy Ghost
Solution: Trinity

Question: Version Of Perfume Usually For Men
Solution: Cologne

Question: What Most People Dont Do To Photos Any More
Solution: Develop

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