Codycross Fantasy World Group 863 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Fruit And Chinas Standard Language
Solution: Mandarin

Question: Choose Your Own Sweets At The Cinema
Solution: Pick n mix

Question: Colombian Cake Made With Alcoholic Drink
Solution: Wine cake

Question: Creased Lined Crumpled
Solution: Wrinkled

Question: Developer Of The Simpsons With Brooks And Groening
Solution: Sam simon

Question: Didos City Of Antiquity Near Modern Day Tunis
Solution: Carthage

Question: Gave His Name To A Unit Of Electrical Resistance
Solution: Georg ohm

Question: George Gershwin Wrote One In Blue
Solution: Rhapsody

Question: Jim Lovells Book About Failed Apollo 13 Mission
Solution: Lost moon

Question: Pretty Lady Who Makes Movies Raises Six Children
Solution: Angelina

Question: Regulations That Governments Put In Place
Solution: Policies

Question: Term For Carnival Season In Greece
Solution: Apokreas

Question: The Tamaran Born Princess In DCs Teen Titans
Solution: Starfire

Question: Tomb Raider Who Makes Movies Raises Six Children
Solution: Angelina

Question: Type Of Saw With A Round Cutting Blade
Solution: Circular

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