Codycross Fantasy World Group 862 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: Australian Dog Breed Named For A Water Spirit
Solution: Kelpie

Question: Cars Do These 180s On The Road
Solution: U turns

Question: Dish Specifically For Serving Boiled Ova
Solution: Eggcup

Question: Do This To Me When Youre Not Strong
Solution: Lean on

Question: If You Dont Have One Youll Be Crashing
Solution: Invite

Question: Long Harbor On New Zealands South Island
Solution: Akaroa

Question: Mr Day Lewis Or Radcliffe
Solution: Daniel

Question: Mr Jeremy Beatrix Potters Frog
Solution: Fisher

Question: Nickname Of Edward I The Of The Scots
Solution: Hammer

Question: One May Be Issued For Speeding
Solution: Ticket

Question: Sideways Trembling Shake On The Dancefloor
Solution: Shimmy

Question: Sock Stuffed Toy Made From Foot Warmers
Solution: Monkey

Question: The Best Thing Since Bread
Solution: Sliced

Question: Wyvern Cockatrice Or Knucker
Solution: Dragon

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