Codycross Fantasy World Group 862 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Fantasy World

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Codycross Fantasy World Answers

Question: A Cat In The Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical
Solution: Jellicle

Question: A Piece Of Material Worn Over The Optic Organ
Solution: Eyepatch

Question: Aerial Combat With Fighter Planes But No Canines
Solution: Dogfight

Question: Celtic Goddess Of Abundance Consort Of Mercury
Solution: Rosmerta

Question: Danish Language Fairy Tale Play By Henrik Ibsen
Solution: Peer gynt

Question: Dessert Slang For A Very Easy Task
Solution: Cakewalk

Question: Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man
Solution: Stay puft

Question: Instructed Authorized Directed
Solution: Mandated

Question: Londons International Airport
Solution: Heathrow

Question: Musical Composition Or Musical Disney Film
Solution: Fantasia

Question: Name For A Baby Puffin
Solution: Puffling

Question: Oily Fluffy Italian Bread With Rosemary
Solution: Focaccia

Question: Run Off From Packed Ice Crystals
Solution: Snow melt

Question: Short Stature Complex Named For French Leader
Solution: Napoleon

Question: Spanish Comic Operetta
Solution: Zarzuela

Question: Why A Bride Might Give A Groom Warm Socks
Solution: Cold feet

Question: Coel Who Wrote I May Destroy You
Solution: Michaela

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