Codycross Circus Group 99 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: 80s Band That Made A Hit About Big Brother
Solution: Police

Question: Beam Me Up Star Trek Personality
Solution: Scotty

Question: Boat Made By Hollowing Out A Log Also In Baseball
Solution: Dugout

Question: Book Your Holiday With A Agent
Solution: Travel

Question: Chili Dried Crushed Mixture Of Chilis
Solution: Powder

Question: Deep And Narrow From A Stream Or River
Solution: Ravine

Question: Feline Stimulant
Solution: Catnip

Question: Meryl Most Nominated Oscar Actress Of All Time
Solution: Streep

Question: Non Federal Government Powers Belong To The
Solution: States

Question: Pungent Black And White Mammals
Solution: Skunks

Question: Renewable Sources Include Wind And Water Power
Solution: Energy

Question: Roller Wheeled Footwear For Cruising Streets
Solution: Skates

Question: Stir Ones Hurry Up
Solution: Stumps

Question: The Skeletons Of The Heads Of Vertebrates
Solution: Skulls

Question: This Type Of Hair Can Be A Follicle Annoyance
Solution: Facial

Question: Tony Hawks Pro 5 Released Dec 2015
Solution: Skater

Question: UFO Unidentified Flying
Solution: Object

Question: Peet American Actress
Solution: Amanda

Question: Shaping Corrects Small Problems In Teeth
Solution: Enamel

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