Codycross Circus Group 99 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Animals That Are Famous For Their Memory
Solution: Elephants

Question: Cape Cod Island Summer Destination
Solution: Nantucket

Question: Childs Gnashers
Solution: Baby teeth

Question: Frigid Dairy Mixed Treat
Solution: Milkshake

Question: Julie Andrews Favorite Things With Noodles
Solution: Schnitzel

Question: Member Of Religious Sect Believes In Second Coming
Solution: Adventist

Question: Natural Scenery Painting Genre
Solution: Landscape

Question: Negative Balance In Your Bank Account
Solution: Overdraft

Question: Not Offering Any Kind Of Aid Or Assistance
Solution: Unhelpful

Question: Otto Filmmaker And Director Of Exodus
Solution: Preminger

Question: Rabelaiss Story Of Giants And Pantagruel
Solution: Gargantua

Question: Scottish Philosopher British Empiricist
Solution: David hume

Question: Scowling Pulling A Face
Solution: Grimacing

Question: Swiss Alps White Peak Near Zermatt
Solution: Weisshorn

Question: Terraria Is A Sandbox Action Game
Solution: Adventure

Question: The Day Before Today
Solution: Yesterday

Question: The Name For The Small Bones Of The Spine
Solution: Vertebrae

Question: They Are Famous For Their Memory
Solution: Elephants

Question: They Are The Devils Tools
Solution: Idle hands

Question: To Pass The Knights Who Say Ni Bring Them This
Solution: Shrubbery

Question: Unable To Speak Or Express An Opinion
Solution: Voiceless

Question: Wearers Of Red In Atwoods Tale
Solution: Handmaids

Question: Dumas Bon Voyant Author Of 3 Musketeers
Solution: Alexandre

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