Codycross Circus Group 98 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Anagram Of Cheater
Solution: Teacher

Question: Area Where Pitchers Warm Up In Baseball
Solution: Bullpen

Question: Body Of Water West Of The Three Americas
Solution: Pacific

Question: Clans May Be Identified Through Them
Solution: Tartans

Question: Dessert Rice Bread Chocolate
Solution: Pudding

Question: Friction Firelighters Created By John Walker
Solution: Matches

Question: From The To The Ridiculous
Solution: Sublime

Question: In 1986s Castlevania You Defeat
Solution: Dracula

Question: Item Covering Birds Not Fur Or Skin
Solution: Feather

Question: Last Boss Of 1986s Game Castlevania
Solution: Dracula

Question: Polish Folk Dance In A Triple Meter Tempo
Solution: Mazurka

Question: Ran Was In Charge Of
Solution: Managed

Question: Singing Over A Backing Track Often In A Bar
Solution: Karaoke

Question: Snakes And Classic Worldwide Game From India
Solution: Ladders

Question: Swept Off Ones Feet
Solution: Smitten

Question: Utensil Made To Steep Or Soak Items In Liquid Tea
Solution: Infuser

Question: World Wide Web Writer
Solution: Blogger

Question: OKeeffe US Artist Of Flowers
Solution: Georgia

Question: While You Work Was Sung By Snow White
Solution: Whistle

Question: Dentures Cover A Couple Of Teeth
Solution: Partial

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