Codycross Circus Group 98 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Californian National Park Home To El Capitan
Solution: Yosemite

Question: Columbus Voyage Funders Monarchs Ferdinand And
Solution: Isabella

Question: Diathermy Uses Heat To Destroy Cells
Solution: Abnormal

Question: George Lucas Sci Fi Series
Solution: Star wars

Question: In The Weakest Link Of The Chain You Can Find It
Solution: Strength

Question: It Awakens The Werewolves
Solution: Full moon

Question: Jefferson Formerly Called Jefferson Airplane
Solution: Starship

Question: Lars Co Founder Of Dogme 95 Film Movement
Solution: Von trier

Question: Lego World Is Based On Movie With Same Title
Solution: Jurassic

Question: Long Arm Of The Sea By Steep Cliffs
Solution: Bordered

Question: Sweet Topping Found On Cakes And Cupcakes
Solution: Frosting

Question: This Martial Art Uses Clinch Knees And Elbows
Solution: Muay thai

Question: To Keep Going
Solution: Continue

Question: Two Player Board Game Goal Is To Capture A Flag
Solution: Stratego

Question: Is The Main Character Of Tangled
Solution: Rapunzel

Question: Services A Supermarket Desk To Solve Questions
Solution: Customer

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