Codycross Circus Group 98 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Shallow Pan A Frying Pan
Solution: Skillet

Question: Band That Was In The Park On Fourth Of July
Solution: Chicago

Question: Black Model Mathematics Of Financial Markets
Solution: Scholes

Question: Booming Hooter Used By Ships Warning Of Visibility
Solution: Foghorn

Question: Burned With Very Hot Liquid
Solution: Scalded

Question: Chocolate Brand Amusement Park In Pennsylvania
Solution: Hershey

Question: Circus Tumbler
Solution: Acrobat

Question: Duck Is A Video Game Based On The Show
Solution: Dynasty

Question: Fictional Planet Of Masters Of The Universe
Solution: Eternia

Question: Getting Out Of The Way Avoiding
Solution: Dodging

Question: It Literally Means Desert Dweller
Solution: Bedouin

Question: Japanese Paper Folding Art
Solution: Origami

Question: Keister Is A Circus Wardrobe Trunk Or
Solution: Luggage

Question: Laura Wilder Known For Little House On A Prairie
Solution: Ingells

Question: Loretta Lynns Singing Sibling Gayle
Solution: Crystal

Question: Malin Actress Of Couples Retreat
Solution: Akerman

Question: The United States Flag Has Stars And
Solution: Stripes

Question: What One Should Do For War When In Peace
Solution: Prepare

Question: Neverland Movie Depicting JM Barries Life
Solution: Finding

Question: Aircraft Designed To Avoid Detection
Solution: Stealth

Question: Frogfish Can Change To Match Habitats
Solution: Painted

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