Codycross Circus Group 98 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: 1994 Film With Hugh Grant Four And A Funeral
Solution: Weddings

Question: A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Go Down
Solution: Medicine

Question: Bargaining Over A Purchase
Solution: Haggling

Question: Decreased Oxygen To Tissues Choking Also Fatal
Solution: Asphyxia

Question: Direct Frank Chat Between Two Males
Solution: Man to man

Question: Floating Organism Some Whales Eat Millions Daily
Solution: Plankton

Question: Hungarian Has A Long Corded Coat Like A Mop
Solution: Sheepdog

Question: Indonesias Most Popular Language
Solution: Javanese

Question: Jeff USA National Basketball Coach 2017
Solution: Van gundy

Question: Large Fluffy Canine That Looks After Livestock
Solution: Sheepdog

Question: Largest Moon Of Jupiter
Solution: Ganymede

Question: Place Where Trash Is Buried Underground
Solution: Landfill

Question: Rear Part Of A Truck Or SUV
Solution: Tailgate

Question: Reverse Print Of A Photograph
Solution: Negative

Question: Scorpio And Sagittarius Signs Relate To This Month
Solution: November

Question: SimCity Is A City Building And Urban MMO
Solution: Planning

Question: Small Metal Object Used To Remove Unwanted Hairs
Solution: Tweezers

Question: They Resisted Technology And Smashed Machines
Solution: Luddites

Question: This Fork Is Used To Consume Seafood
Solution: Cocktail

Question: Three Sided Shape Also A Musical Instrument
Solution: Triangle

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