Codycross Circus Group 97 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Medium Grade Metamorphic Rock
Solution: Schist

Question: A Voyage By Air
Solution: Flight

Question: Balderdash Is A Game Of And Bluffing
Solution: Trivia

Question: Digital Cell Phone Phone Portable Moving
Solution: Mobile

Question: Easy To Bend Ductile
Solution: Pliant

Question: Eye Liner Draw On The Eyes
Solution: Pencil

Question: Food Chain The House Of This Breakfast Item
Solution: Waffle

Question: Fresh Bel Airs Royalty Import
Solution: Prince

Question: Jaundice Is A Staining Of Skin
Solution: Yellow

Question: Known For His Role As The Joker Died In 2008
Solution: Ledger

Question: Large Bone That Holds Lower Organs In Place
Solution: Pelvis

Question: Light And Fragile Like Chiffon
Solution: Flimsy

Question: Man In The Michael Jackson Song
Solution: Mirror

Question: Oak Nuts
Solution: Acorns

Question: Only Continent Located In All Hemispheres
Solution: Africa

Question: Passage Under The Ground Or Water
Solution: Tunnel

Question: Professional That Produces Fabrics By Threading
Solution: Weaver

Question: They Cover 70 Of Earths Surface
Solution: Oceans

Question: Little Liars TV Drama Set In Rosewood
Solution: Pretty

Question: Norton US Actor Producer Director Activist
Solution: Edward

Question: Punch Last Hit Knockout Blow
Solution: Sunday

Question: Chameleon Has A Large Cone On Its Head
Solution: Veiled

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