Codycross Circus Group 97 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: An Answering Holds Phone Messages
Solution: Machine

Question: Communist Icon Who Started Out As Doctor
Solution: Guevara

Question: Country That Has The Worlds Tallest Church
Solution: Germany

Question: Covered Structure Used To Park Cars Under
Solution: Carport

Question: David Killed Him With A Slingshot
Solution: Goliath

Question: Holthuis Shrimp Have Purple Spots
Solution: Cleaner

Question: Item Shipped In A Box In The Mail
Solution: Package

Question: Jim Who Plays Sheldon On The Big Bang Theory
Solution: Parsons

Question: Land Where Things Grow Easily
Solution: Fertile

Question: Magic Disneys Top Park Cinderellas Castle
Solution: Kingdom

Question: Metathesiophobia Is The Fear Of
Solution: Changes

Question: Number Of Items In Different Sizes Colors Shapes
Solution: Variety

Question: Remove Deposits Of Chemicals On A Cooking Item
Solution: Descale

Question: This Energy Drink Will Give You Wings
Solution: Red bull

Question: Twin To Apollo
Solution: Artemis

Question: Type Of Plant Also A Bright Red Purple Color
Solution: Fuchsia

Question: Up In The Air Stars This Leading Man
Solution: Clooney

Question: Cove Newfoundland Named After Soil Not Hair
Solution: Red head

Question: Change Phenomenon Of Global Temperature Rise
Solution: Climate

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