Codycross Circus Group 97 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Adjective Describing Book With The Corners Worn
Solution: Dog eared

Question: Billy Budd An Opera By Britten
Solution: Benjamin

Question: Common North American Freshwater Fish
Solution: Bluegill

Question: Country In Horn Of Africa Capital Is Addis Ababa
Solution: Ethiopia

Question: Derogatory Term For A Womans Lover
Solution: Fancy man

Question: Equally Good At War And For Soothing Babies
Solution: Pacifier

Question: Escaped Prisoner Wanted By The Police
Solution: Fugitive

Question: Fine Grit Tool Used To Fix Chipped Nails
Solution: Nailfile

Question: How Mario And Luigi Are Related
Solution: Brothers

Question: In Frederick Forsyths Novel The Jackals Target
Solution: De gaulle

Question: In The Fairy Tale She Lets Down Her Golden Hair
Solution: Rapunzel

Question: Interested In Others Not Introverted
Solution: Outgoing

Question: Kind Thoughtful Giving Money And Time
Solution: Generous

Question: Mario Nintendos Brethren Hit
Solution: Brothers

Question: Medium Green Chili Pepper Eaten On Spicy Foods
Solution: Jalapeno

Question: Men Badly Politically Incorrect TV Comedy
Solution: Behaving

Question: Tends To Flock Jesus To His Followers
Solution: Shepherd

Question: The Disney Movie About Mufasa And Simba
Solution: Lion king

Question: The Animation About The Heir Of The Jungle
Solution: Lion king

Question: Weather Conditions In Certain Places
Solution: Climates

Question: Cassidy Fictional Cowboy Character TV Series
Solution: Hopalong

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