Codycross Circus Group 97 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Dinner Is A New Years Eve Tradition In China
Solution: Reunion

Question: Book Of Psalms Used In Church Services
Solution: Psalter

Question: Country Where Shakespeare Was Born
Solution: England

Question: Crew Of An Aircraft In US Air Force
Solution: Aircrew

Question: Dipsophobia Is Fear Of Drinking
Solution: Alcohol

Question: German Noble House That Ruled The Duchy Of Anhalt
Solution: Ascania

Question: Google Chrome Is An Example Of One
Solution: Browser

Question: Helps Aids
Solution: Assists

Question: Hopelessness
Solution: Despair

Question: In Baseball The Team With Control Of The Ball
Solution: Defense

Question: Largest Ocean On Earth
Solution: Pacific

Question: Liquid Used As Flavoring For Drinks
Solution: Bitters

Question: Listens Pays Attention To
Solution: Harkens

Question: Making Music With Ones Mouth
Solution: Singing

Question: Maritime Member Of The Justice League
Solution: Aquaman

Question: Paper Chase
Solution: Red tape

Question: Someone Who Sends Unwanted E Mails
Solution: Spammer

Question: The Empire Back A Star Wars Movie
Solution: Strikes

Question: The Act Of Staying Healthy Through Exercise
Solution: Fitness

Question: Web Games Are Played Without Downloads
Solution: Browser

Question: Ajdukiewicz Polish Portrait Painter
Solution: Tadeusz

Question: Blennies Are Also Called Reef Blennies
Solution: Big nose

Question: Quo One Thing For Another In Latin
Solution: Quid pro

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