Codycross Circus Group 97 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Daily Summary
Solution: Newspaper

Question: A Treaty A Pact
Solution: Agreement

Question: Another Word For Cemetery
Solution: Graveyard

Question: Baseball Accomplishment Dennys Big Breakfast
Solution: Grand slam

Question: Being Of Low Intelligence Having No Knowledge
Solution: Ignoramus

Question: Blurry Like A Bad Photo
Solution: Unfocused

Question: Cemetery
Solution: Graveyard

Question: Extremely Crowded Full To Bursting Point
Solution: Jam packed

Question: Frog Toad Or Salamander Animal Classification
Solution: Amphibian

Question: Gas Emitted From Fuel Combustion In A Car
Solution: Emissions

Question: Insecticide Used To Kill Insects
Solution: Chemicals

Question: Moon Are Found In Most Oceans
Solution: Jellyfish

Question: Obligatory
Solution: Mandatory

Question: Party And Acknowledge An Event Like Easter
Solution: Celebrate

Question: Required By Law Or Rules It Must Be Done
Solution: Mandatory

Question: The Common Garden Mint A Candy Flavor
Solution: Spearmint

Question: To Be Drained Of Strength Or Energy
Solution: Exhausted

Question: Vehicle That Transports People To A Hospital
Solution: Ambulance

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