Codycross Circus Group 96 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Armed Forces Of Nazi Germany
Solution: Wehrmacht

Question: Baffled
Solution: Perplexed

Question: Belonging To Previous Generations An Home Say
Solution: Ancestral

Question: Big Yellow Tropical Fruit
Solution: Pineapple

Question: Care Cultivation And Breeding Of Animals Or Crops
Solution: Husbandry

Question: Dangerous Coagulated Mass In An Artery
Solution: Blood clot

Question: Disney Movie About Princess Giselle
Solution: Enchanted

Question: Equipment Used To Glide On Water
Solution: Wakeboard

Question: Fire And
Solution: Brimstone

Question: Folkloric Bigfoot Of The Northwestern Pacific Coast
Solution: Sasquatch

Question: Formation Where A River Spills Over A Cliff
Solution: Waterfall

Question: Formation Where Water Spills Over An Edge
Solution: Waterfall

Question: Internet Unlikeable Facial Hair Below The Face
Solution: Neckbeard

Question: Large Order Of Birds That Perch And Sing
Solution: Passerine

Question: Man Exclamation When Someone Falls Off A Boat
Solution: Overboard

Question: One Yard Marks On Football Field
Solution: Hashmarks

Question: Protective As An Uncle
Solution: Avuncular

Question: Rejected An Objection Reverted A Decision
Solution: Overruled

Question: Relating To The Capital Of Russia
Solution: Muscovite

Question: Someone Who Uses Violence Against Civilians
Solution: Terrorist

Question: The Scottish Capital
Solution: Edinburgh

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