Codycross Circus Group 96 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Bedroom For Guests
Solution: Guest room

Question: A Sleeping Area For Visitors In Your Home
Solution: Guest room

Question: Aspartame Is A Man Made For Foods
Solution: Sweetener

Question: Aspartame Is An Artificial For Foods
Solution: Sweetener

Question: Attraction With Thrilling Rides And Amusements
Solution: Theme park

Question: Capital Of Mauritius
Solution: Port louis

Question: Circus General Admission Seats Usually Blue
Solution: Stringers

Question: Country Most Closely Associated With Kangaroos
Solution: Australia

Question: Early 20th Century US Swing Dance
Solution: Jitterbug

Question: Escarpment Is The Of Land
Solution: Elevation

Question: High Pitched Shrieks
Solution: Screeches

Question: His Cover Of Fastcar Went Double Platinum In 2015
Solution: Jonas blue

Question: Lustful Indecent
Solution: Salacious

Question: Mental Condition Causes Memory Loss
Solution: Alzheimer

Question: Nativity Celebration
Solution: Christmas

Question: Of Or Belonging To An Imagined Unpleasant Place
Solution: Dystopian

Question: Popular Instrument During 2010 Football World Cup
Solution: Vuvuzelas

Question: Puns Or The Like
Solution: Wordplays

Question: Rapid Spinning Movements
Solution: Gyrations

Question: Related To Newspapers Journals And Tabloids
Solution: Magazines

Question: Road Going Under A Bridge
Solution: Underpass

Question: Someone In Charge Of A Business
Solution: Executive

Question: Someone In Charge Of An Organization
Solution: Executive

Question: To Be Irritated Due To Indigestion
Solution: Dyspeptic

Question: Pinesnake Is A Nonvenomous Constrictor
Solution: Louisiana

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