Codycross Circus Group 96 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Type Of Dance Originally From Cuba
Solution: Chacha

Question: An Oasis Is A Green Watery In A Desert
Solution: Refuge

Question: Battleship Was A And Paper Game Until 1967
Solution: Pencil

Question: Berber Language Spoken In The Northeast Of Algeria
Solution: Kabyle

Question: Cave Or Cavern Often Highly Decorated
Solution: Grotto

Question: Coming To A Finish Opposite Of Beginning
Solution: Ending

Question: Discrimination Based On How Old You Are
Solution: Ageism

Question: Established As The Truth By Evidence
Solution: Proven

Question: Famous For Writing Speeches In Rome
Solution: Cicero

Question: Feeling Of Nausea Upset Stomach
Solution: Queasy

Question: Finger Adjacent To Ring Finger Not The Pinkie
Solution: Middle

Question: Finger Known As The Bird
Solution: Middle

Question: Gain Position In Basketball Beside Free Throw Lane
Solution: Post up

Question: Island Visited By Bligh And The Bounty
Solution: Tahiti

Question: Large Tropical Lizard Popular Pet
Solution: Iguana

Question: Like Chickens They Come Home To Roost
Solution: Curses

Question: Make A Turkey Noise
Solution: Gobble

Question: Maybe Next Time Hell Think Before He
Solution: Cheats

Question: Mr Ettedgui Gave His Forename To The Fashion Chain
Solution: Joseph

Question: Natural Tarnish That Forms On Metals And Stone
Solution: Patina

Question: Object Used To Stop Slow Or Hold A Ship In Place
Solution: Anchor

Question: Piece Of Clothing Worn On Legs During The Summer
Solution: Shorts

Question: Pretoria Is The Capital Of South
Solution: Africa

Question: Religious Leader
Solution: Cleric

Question: Storeroom For Food In Old Houses
Solution: Larder

Question: Superior Greater Improved
Solution: Better

Question: Tetradrachms Face Who Knew It All
Solution: Athena

Question: The Won The 84th Academy Awards
Solution: Artist

Question: Toy With Hanging Shapes Hung Above Babys Cot
Solution: Mobile

Question: Vitus Danish Navigator In The Russian Navy
Solution: Bering

Question: Weeding The Garden With A Long Handled Tool
Solution: Hoeing

Question: With Perfect Pitch
Solution: In tune

Question: B Goode A Chuck Berry Hit Single Of 1958
Solution: Johnny

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