Codycross Circus Group 96 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Person Whose Job Is To Sell Things
Solution: Salesman

Question: Ancient Pointy Nosed Fish Similar To A Shark
Solution: Sturgeon

Question: Childs Playhouse Above Ground Getaway
Solution: Tree fort

Question: Circular Ring For Playing And To Exercise
Solution: Hula hoop

Question: Country Whose Capital Is Islamabad
Solution: Pakistan

Question: Dirk German NBA Power Forward
Solution: Nowitzki

Question: French Delicacy Meaning Edible Snail
Solution: Escargot

Question: Hat Type Newsboy Cap Or Jay Gatsby
Solution: Baker boy

Question: How Selfishness Was A Tale Of Greed
Solution: Rewarded

Question: Munch Painted Death In The
Solution: Sickroom

Question: Opposite Of Proton Unit Of Charge
Solution: Electron

Question: Surfing Is On A Board Riding A Wave
Solution: Standing

Question: The Buying Out Of One Company By Another
Solution: Takeover

Question: Where Prisoners Are Kept While Awaiting Execution
Solution: Death row

Question: Lights Or Aurora Borealis
Solution: Northern

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