Codycross Circus Group 95 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Cooking Item Like A Kettle Used For Heating
Solution: Boiler

Question: Anagram Of Signet
Solution: Ingest

Question: Blue US Navy Acrobatic Flying Squad
Solution: Angels

Question: British Territory In The Atlantic With The Turks
Solution: Caicos

Question: Capital Of Cuba
Solution: Havana

Question: Crazy Mattel Sells Game As Uno
Solution: Eights

Question: Eastern European Crushed Garlic Clove Sauce
Solution: Mujdei

Question: Entities
Solution: Beings

Question: Exchange Particles For Color Force Between Quarks
Solution: Gluons

Question: High Pitched Noise Like A Pig
Solution: Squeal

Question: Infectious Very Contagious Disease From Bacteria
Solution: Plague

Question: Minty Lime Rum Drink
Solution: Mojito

Question: Moroccan Tunisian Steam Cooked Stew And Its Pot
Solution: Tajine

Question: Pre Nativity Christian Celebration Candles
Solution: Advent

Question: Shonda Writer Behind Several Hit Drama Series
Solution: Rhimes

Question: Something Now Not Antique Or Old
Solution: Modern

Question: Something Visible Tangible Stable In Form
Solution: Object

Question: These Flower Particles Cause Allergies
Solution: Pollen

Question: Vicious Savage
Solution: Brutal

Question: Walt Pictures
Solution: Disney

Question: Kong Nintendo Classic With Climbing Gorilla
Solution: Donkey

Question: Dart Frog Poisonous With Beautiful Colors
Solution: Poison

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