Codycross Circus Group 95 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Person Who Plays A Musical Instrument
Solution: Musician

Question: Babar From The Cartoon Is An
Solution: Elephant

Question: Brief Comic Italian Opera
Solution: Burletta

Question: Celebrating With Friends
Solution: Partying

Question: Deceptively Affable For The Irish
Solution: Sleeveen

Question: Fabrics Used In Industry And Clothes Making
Solution: Textiles

Question: Great Sparsely Populated Australian Desert
Solution: Victoria

Question: He Delivers The News To Your Door
Solution: Paperboy

Question: In The Sidney Lumets Film They Are Twelve
Solution: Angry men

Question: Launches Projectiles Wooden In Middle Ages
Solution: Catapult

Question: Male Child Of A Son Or Daughter
Solution: Grandson

Question: Melissa Ghostbusters Reboot Actress Comedian
Solution: Mccarthy

Question: Not Wanting To Do Anything Lack Of Motivation
Solution: Laziness

Question: Prince Cinderellas True Love
Solution: Charming

Question: San Diego Played At Qualcomm Stadium In 2015
Solution: Chargers

Question: Shoes Primarily Designed For Sports
Solution: Sneakers

Question: Takes Advantage Of Workers
Solution: Exploits

Question: The Greek Name For Asia Minor
Solution: Anatolia

Question: Tina Fey Started On Night Live
Solution: Saturday

Question: US Singer Of What You See Is What You Get
Solution: Meatloaf

Question: Inc Pixar Movie With Mike And Sulley
Solution: Monsters

Question: Anthropology Studies Human Remains For Police
Solution: Forensic

Question: 2015 M Night Shyamalan Movie
Solution: The visit

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