Codycross Circus Group 94 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Ambon Is Yellow With A Spot On Its Fin
Solution: Damsel

Question: American Word For Football Comes From The UK
Solution: Soccer

Question: Asked For Popular Opinion By Vote
Solution: Polled

Question: Bended Page Of A Book To Mark It
Solution: Dog ear

Question: Clay Creatures In Medieval Jewish Folklore
Solution: Golems

Question: Coins That Have Been Struck Or Stamped
Solution: Minted

Question: Domestic Servant Doing Unpleasant Jobs
Solution: Skivvy

Question: Fifty Minus Thirty Eight
Solution: Twelve

Question: Folk Music From Scotland And Ireland In Particular
Solution: Celtic

Question: Garlicky Spread Containing Chickpeas And Tahini
Solution: Hummus

Question: Hay Haymaking Machine
Solution: Tedder

Question: High Protein Pulse Can Be Yellow Red Green
Solution: Lentil

Question: Irish Dish For Leftovers
Solution: Coddle

Question: King III UK Monarch During Revolutionary War
Solution: George

Question: More Than Enough
Solution: Plenty

Question: Nice Anagram Of Volley
Solution: Lovely

Question: Of This South American Mountain Range
Solution: Andean

Question: Painful Sores In The Stomach Lining
Solution: Ulcers

Question: Rome Wasnt Built
Solution: In a day

Question: Small Organ At The End Of The Stomach
Solution: Spleen

Question: Small Organ Left Of The Stomach
Solution: Spleen

Question: Spelling Of First Name Used Till 1930s By Kahlo
Solution: Frieda

Question: Spicy Fermented Cabbage From Korea
Solution: Kimchi

Question: Stage Of Development To Make A Business Bigger
Solution: Growth

Question: The Of Korra Is A Game Based Off The TV Show
Solution: Legend

Question: To Illegally Carry Away A Person Kidnap
Solution: Abduct

Question: Traditional Soft Felt Hat With A Curled Brim
Solution: Fedora

Question: Yearned For
Solution: Longed

Question: You Want To Roll A Seven Or In Craps
Solution: Eleven

Question: Belt A Circumstellar Disc In The Solar System
Solution: Kuiper

Question: Ibsen Norwegian 19th Century Playwright
Solution: Henrik

Question: Ones Time Not Acting Immediately
Solution: Biding

Question: Vs Superman A Movie Released In 2016
Solution: Batman

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