Codycross Circus Group 94 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: A Piercing Of The Skin
Solution: Puncture

Question: Bird Runs Fast Two Black Bands Around Its Neck
Solution: Killdeer

Question: Branded Tool With Plastic Cutting Cord
Solution: Strimmer

Question: Chief Economist Of The World Bank Won Nobel Prize
Solution: Stiglitz

Question: Condition Being Obsessively Interested In Oneself
Solution: Egomania

Question: Container That Plays A Tune
Solution: Music box

Question: Elbow Pasta Made Of Durum Wheat
Solution: Macaroni

Question: Home Sends Things You Buy To Your House
Solution: Delivery

Question: Main Character Of A Confederacy Of Dunces
Solution: Ignatius

Question: Negative Aspect Of Something Handicap
Solution: Downside

Question: Old Machine Used For Grinding Or Pumping
Solution: Windmill

Question: People Of A Similar Vintage
Solution: Age group

Question: Professional American Football Team
Solution: Redskins

Question: Removes Water Waste From Home
Solution: Sump pump

Question: Root Used Like Ginger In Thai Cooking
Solution: Galangal

Question: Shapeshifting Creature Also Known As Lycanthrope
Solution: Werewolf

Question: Taking In Information From Books Learning
Solution: Studying

Question: To Approximate Opinion Height Worth
Solution: Estimate

Question: To Calculate The Approximate Value Of Something
Solution: Estimate

Question: When The Saints Go In I Want To Be In That Number
Solution: Marching

Question: Spree Buying Things Until You Drop
Solution: Shopping

Question: Karl University Of Heidelberg Founded 1386
Solution: Ruprecht

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