Codycross Circus Group 94 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Circus

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Codycross Circus Answers

Question: Green Country Considered Halloween Birthplace
Solution: Ireland

Question: A Has A Long Neck
Solution: Giraffe

Question: Cricket Pitchers
Solution: Bowlers

Question: Dallas Wild West Football Club
Solution: Cowboys

Question: Freddy Long Fingered Monster That Haunts Dreams
Solution: Krueger

Question: Insistent Immovable
Solution: Adamant

Question: Mouth Like Tool Binds Papers Together
Solution: Stapler

Question: Occurring In Petroleum And Natural Gas
Solution: Propane

Question: Pink Panther Director Won An Honorary Oscar
Solution: Edwards

Question: Pop Rock Musical Genre Created In The Late 1970s
Solution: New wave

Question: Princess Procne Was Turned Into A
Solution: Swallow

Question: Seismic Sea Wave Caused By Earthquake
Solution: Tsunami

Question: Shoving Someone
Solution: Pushing

Question: The Book Of Lamentations Is About
Solution: Sorrows

Question: Theatrical Code To Warn Of Fire
Solution: Mr sands

Question: Thick And Yellow Or Brownish Yellow Condiment
Solution: Mustard

Question: Way Of Standing Anagram Of Troupes
Solution: Posture

Question: What A Bad Compromise Is Better Than
Solution: Lawsuit

Question: Girls Depicts A Mother Daughter Relationship
Solution: Gilmore

Question: Sachs Banking Firm Helped Cause 2008 Crisis
Solution: Goldman

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